A few Funky bits of Linux info

First of all, my favorite operating systems, both practically and philosophically, are Debian GNU/Linux and OpenBSD. (If you make me use proprietary stuff, I'll pick Solaris or MacOS X. If you force me to use Microsoft stuff, I'll pick Windows 2000 Professional, and nothing else, but then I'll install Cygwin.) Whether I prefer the GNU philosophy or the OpenBSD philosophy depends on how idealistic I'm feeling at the moment; I like both of them quite a bit. If the respective leaders need to be somewhat abrasive or uncompromising at times in order to be true to their philosophies, so be it.

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Some selected posts of mine to the COLUG mailing list:

I also have some (now mostly-obsolete) tips on setting up Linux at OSU from the old FOSUG site.

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