From rfunk Tue May 11 13:10:39 1999 Subject: Samba books To: (Central Ohio Linux User Group) Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 13:10:39 -0400 (EDT) A plea for writers to go to the right publishers.... Lately I've had more and more need to know something about Samba, so yesterday I finally went to Borders to buy "the" book on Samba, the one published by SSC last year. I discovered that there's now another book, published by SAMS. Both books are written by "members of the Samba team". I can't stand SAMS (same with Que), but looking through the two books, I ended up decided to get that one based on the content (partly because it covers Samba 2.0 rather than 1.9). Last night I was reading the book, and kept getting annoyed -- the content is good, but the editing is horrible, detracting greatly from the book. In some cases it seems like it's unedited, and in other cases it seems like editors "fixed" something and actually broke it, due to being clueless about the material. Yet I'm not sure the SSC book would have been better, since they don't have much of a track record, and that book appeared to be weighted too heavily toward the download-and-compile end of things, and not enough case studies. According to the O'Reilly web site, They're publishing "Using Samba" this fall. I can't wait. Hopefully the authors (who I've never heard of) came up with good content to go with the good editing they'll get.
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